Digital marketing and social media are of course now commonplace but change continues apace with the latest updates and new algorithms. So to help marketers keep on top of the latest social news, Stuff are compiling some of the most useful and key updates and publishing them every month. November’s highlights are:



  • Instagram has brought in a new feature that allows users to add Polls to their Instagram stories, enabling users who view the story to interact and vote.
  • Shopify’s new Instagram shopping feature allows for products to be tagged in your posts and therefore allows customers to make purchases without leaving the Instagram app.



  • The ‘Happening Now’ feature showcases tweets about specific events. If you click on the happening now label on the top of your screen, you can start to see tweets people have posted about specific topics Twitter thinks you will love. It’s similar to the discovery page on Twitter and Explore page on Instagram.
  • Twitter has launched a ‘Video Website Card’ that means advertisements will automatically play when scrolling through your feed. From there a link will take you to a website when the ad plays.
  • Twitter has also announced that a bookmark button is coming, similar to the save button on Instagram. This will make it easier to refer back to tweets.



  • Although hashtags is not a new feature to social media, to Pinterest they are. The platform has rolled out this new feature to allow Pinners to easily discover new content that they are interested in, but also allow Pinners to gain more reach on their own posts by ensuring each other can discover content that they have an interest in.



  • Facebook Workplace launched as a desktop app a few months ago. After some customer feedback, they have now made some changes and users are now able to share their screen with coworkers to help work in a more collaborative way.
  • You can now create Facebook Stories on your business page which is a great way for companies to increase engagement and interaction on their page.



  • Snapchat has introduced Context Cards that gives users more context such a restaurant reviews, contact information and more.


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