In the macrocosm of social media, there is one title more sought after than any other. To be social media verified and brandish the associated verification badges or ‘Ticks’.

While Facebook have recently closed the application process to become account verified, Twitter has opened theirs up to the public. We recently got the @StuffBristol account verified on Twitter and we want to share with you some tips on how to do this yourself:

Not just a ‘blue tick’

Verification is given to official accounts of public interest including brands, organisations, public figures and celebrities. This gives you a blue tick icon next to your account name, this is displayed on your profile and in search results. More importantly however, this also opens up a number of new account benefits:

  • Your account appears higher in search results and verification helps bring in new followers
  • Access to a ‘Verified’ notifications tab allowing for advanced filtering
  • Unlocks additional security measures to prevent account hacking
  • Full access to Twitter analytics (if you don’t already have a Twitter Business account)
  • Account recognised as more authoritative, leading to trust from Twitter users and influencers
  • Granted automatic verification on Vine and Periscope accounts linked to your Twitter
  • Can lead to verification on other sites (i.e. Facebook)
  • Allows you the opportunity to network with influencers who also possess the blue tick

blue tick

Time to get verified

Through the application process you’re required to submit two links to web content related to your account. Submit the maximum amount (five), ensuring all linking sites are credible, authoritative and match up to your industry, your profile information and who you are. Try and select content from a variety of sources, local and national publications which show influence at scale.

Next up, you’re required to submit 500 words explaining why your account should be verified. What worked for us is quantifying the level of senior industry experience within the agency, leveraging the agency’s awards and influence and demonstrating authority.

blue tick

A helping hand

An increasing number of businesses are realising the importance of taking social seriously, with only 187,000 of 320 million Twitter users holding a blue tick. This is why more and more organisations are venturing online to help increase exposure, influence sales and tapping into social media’s full potential.

Here at Stuff, much of our work is digital focused, ranging from designing and building websites, to digital marketing, PPC and more. For an informal chat about digital marketing and social media and how it could be helping your business, get in touch with us today.

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