We recently updated the brand of the Mediterranean homeware company NISI Living. Although they are Bristol based, their aim is to not only embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle but bring it to life with hand-picked vibrant and characterful products that add a splash of the Med to your home.

The name itself, NISI, is Greek for “island”


The owners Eleni and Julian are passionate about beautiful design and wanted their brand to look clean, fresh and reflect the vibrancy of the Med. The blues of the sea were imperative too.

In the studio at Stuff we love researching. I asked one of the directors if a food and wine filled trip to the Mediterranean as ‘research’ was a possibility but alas, they politely declined. We spent our time looking into the huge amount of beautiful patterns that come from the Med. We also indulged in the vibrant colours of the sea and the foods of the Med (a lunch trip to Bristol’s Souk Kitchen was of course essential).

The final logo is photographic, using an image of the sea and we created a pattern inspired by Mediterranean tiles. Eleni and Julian attend trade shows so they needed stationery that showed the variety of their work. We created an image grid rather than one hero image.


See the work for Nisi Living

See their website www.nisiliving.co.uk


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