Love is in the air here at Stuff, so we’ve taken this opportunity to look at the advertising industry’s love affair with Valentine’s Day. From ads that pull on the heartstrings to those that tickle your fancy, here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day ads.

  1. Irn Bru

This ad combines all the best ingredients – fun, creativity and original content. We’ve always enjoyed the Irn Bru ads and this is a great use of the campaign idea ‘Irn Bru gets you through’.

  1. Real Fire

Some of the oldies amongst us will remember this classic 80’s advert that elicited timeless emotions of love and romance. There is one ad man we know who has this up there on their memorable campaign list.

  1. NHS Blood and Transplant and partner charity

Valentine’s day also provides a great opportunity to grab attention for serious messages and this ad is a great example. Kidney Shaped Love for NHS Organ Donation shows that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about hearts.


Whereas are winning over the Valentine’s Day audience with a light-hearted twist.

  1. Hovis

We are big fans of keeping things simple, so this Hovis advert nails it for us. Your bread loves you back this Valentine’s Day.

Hovis Valentines Day - Stuff Advertising


  1. Greggs

Forget the clichés, Valentine’s Day marketing isn’t just for florists, jewelers and posh restaurants – some people just love a sausage roll! Greggs has done things their way and it’s certainly creating great PR.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of Valentine’s Day creativity, if there’s anything we can do to help you attract more customers, please do get in touch. We’d love to take things further.

Finally, a big thank you for the sweet tasty treats from one of our suppliers, Hobbs Repro. You know the best way to our hearts.

Valentines gift for Stuff - Hobbs

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