Better by Bike.

Getting people on their bikes

We have been working with Better by Bike since 2011. Promoting the benefits of cycling through a number of campaigns.

First came an award-winning piece of work based on some extensive research carried out by UWE. Previously, most ads promoting cycling were based on practical benefits such as health or cost savings, but research showed that people were more interested in the sense of freedom cycling gave them.

We took that research and created some striking work that brought to life the emotions people felt when cycling. The campaign consisted of bus backs and sides, 6 sheet posters, direct mail and regional press ads.

better by bike bristol campaign
bristol council cycling campaign
better by bike bristol campaign

When it came to creating the next campaign, the number of cyclists in the city had increased massively. Taking advantage of this success, we produced a multi-channel campaign based around real cyclist’s stories and the line ‘I Bike It. I Like It’.

Local cyclists were encouraged to take part and we photographed them alongside their bikes in well-known Bristol locations. Their stories formed the cornerstone of a new website and promoted across social media, press ads, posters and direct mail.

bristol harbour cycling

The success of the campaign saw it rolled out further across the region, taking in Bath, Portishead and Weston-Super-Mare. We were subsequently asked to promote the new 75 mile network of cycle routes across the region. We curated a high profile launch event in the city centre, attended by the minister for transport. The focal point of the launch was a large semi-permanent structure in the city centre, detailing the routes for local cyclists.

Better by Bike Bristol Launch Box & MP's

Pocket maps, leaflets, postcards, signpost wraps, lamppost banners and a large social media campaign helped spread the word.

cycle network bristol
bristol bike network