National Grid.

Creating an impact

In 2018 we were asked by our long term client, National Grid, to design and deliver a visitor centre for their Hinkley Connection Project. Somewhere for National Grid to keep local communities and stakeholders up to date with developments and provide a base for meetings and tours for all those involved in the project.

As well as transforming the region’s electricity network, this major development will improve the impact on the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by taking cables underground and introducing a newly designed pylon.

Because the project will take place over many years and go through multiple stages of development, our solution needed to be both robust and flexible.

Scamps and 3D renders helped convey our plans for transforming the existing space into a state-of-the-art visitor centre. Our work included everything from lighting and flooring to fitting out the kitchen and installing window graphics.

Wall vinyls are used to create impact in areas that don’t need to be regularly updated. We commissioned a drone pilot to capture a panoramic shot of Weston at night for the centre piece of the reception area. A bespoke backlit sign welcomes visitors to the centre.

A series of Infographics help to tell the story behind the development and provide further details for particular aspects of the project.

A flexible wall mounted system allows us to create an impactful and informative display that is easily updated as the projected progresses. Led backlights help bring the display to life and colours can be changed depending on what the main room is being used for.

As well as somewhere to meet, the  vinyl wrapped table provides visitors with more context on the scale of the project, with the plans overlaid onto an OS map.